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General information on water hygiene and access to tanks 

Here you will find general information related to healthy and safe water supplies, managing your water storage and more. Select the link below for further information from the Ministry of Health. 

Select the button for information on all things water and water storage 


Access; to get the truck to your tank we require a corridor of 3.5 Metres high and 3 metres wide (the fire service ask for a 4x4metre clearance). We are also fairly long so can't manage tight turns.

0ur vehicles are heavy and may damage lawns or perhaps get stuck if on unsound or wet ground. Also Consider driveways, a standard concreate driveway 100mm thick will generally be fine and is unlikely to be adversely affected by the weight of the truck.

Likewise standard tarr sealed  driveways are fine however if the truck has to turn or maneuver, ie 3 point turns over a hot seal surface this may scuff the surface. 

Please discuss any concerns with the driver as soon as possible. 

Where possible we can plan the best options for access this might mean using a neighbours diveway, running extra hose from the roadway (we carry 50 metres on the truck but can bring up to a 100m if required and pre-organised). 

Water source In Raglan we take water from the council supply, this is chlorinated and considered safe and of a high standard measured against all other municipal water supplies.

Raglan draws its water from a spring near the base of Karioi Mounga off Te Hutewai Rd. The water is then treated and pumped to one of the reservoirs. 

The reservoirs then supply the town water.

Raglan Water accesses this supply through a filling station in Wallis street.

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